Dynamic Systems at SEI

by Philip Boxer

I have been a strategy consultant to organisations for over 20 years, supporting leadership teams across many different industry sectors, both public and private. My focus has been on the challenges organisations face from asymmetric forms of demand and the mitigation of risks associated with failing to develop requisite agility. This blog has traced some of the ideas emerging from this work, and I have developed a number of methods and tools needed to support strategy formation and collaborative design processes, including visual PAN and its associated forms of analysis. In 2006, a report was published detailing an application of this form of structural modeling (An Examination of a Structural Modeling Risk Probe Technique), written by staff at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University.

In March 2007 I started work as a senior member of technical staff working with the Integration of Software Intensive Systems (ISIS) team, within the Dynamic Systems Programme at SEI. The aim of this work is to bring visual PAN and its associated forms of analysis into the public domain.

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