The Case of the Specialist Housing Consortium

Title: The Case of the Specialist Housing Consortium
Author: Marc Du Ry & Philip Boxer
Category: Working
Publication Year: 1995
Where Published: GOWG Seminar
Abstract: No abstract available

This is an attempt to give an account of PJB’s consultancy work with WFSHC, where possible drawing out psychoanalytic parallels and differences. This is possible because, ultimately, both deal with a subjective position. A glossary of concepts is provided at the end to facilitate this reading. The general heading is “Meeting the challenge of the case”, taken from Winnicott on the one hand and, on the other, it is the title of a workshop once run by the two consultants – Barry Palmer and Philip – involved in this case. The account infers something of PJB’s practice by drawing on the comments of the other two people involved, thus paralleling the procedure Lacan instituted in his School as the “pass”, in which a candidate’s account of his own analysis is “passed on” to a committee by two of his peers. In this case, however, only one “passer” is a peer, the other being the client himself, while the “committee” is itself another account rather than a judgment. As in the pass, nonetheless, the aim of the candidate is to put forward his ethical position. In this case the question supporting the demand resulting in this exercise is: “Why did I do what I did?” which parallels the analytic question: “why did I say what I said? ”

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