Judging the Quality of Development

Title: Judging the Quality of Development
Author: Philip Boxer
Category: Published
Publication Year: 1985
Where Published: In Boud D., Keogh R. & Walker D. (eds) ‘Reflection: turning experience into learning’, Kogan Page.

This paper traces the origins of the technique of reflective analysis, as supported by CRITIK and considers its place in relation to different forms of teaching paradigm. It describes the technique in terms of enabling a manager to articulate the paradoxes and dilemmas inherent in his own way of framing his experience. The paper then goes on to discuss the characteristic ways in which managers get stuck in their own development in terms of each of the teaching paradigms, and the ways in which teachers can collude with this to serve their own interests. It concludes that the best teaching practice enables managers to find their own authority in relation to their experience, and to live with the issues of timing that this form of authority inevitably gives rise to.


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