Learning as a Subversive Activity

Title: Learning as a Subversive Activity
Author: Philip Boxer
Category: Published
Publication Year: 1981
Where Published: In Boydell T. & Pedler M. (eds) ‘Management Self-Development: concepts and practices’, Gower.

What is meant by ‘subversive’? Is it the challenging of established forms of knowledge, or does it imply the undermining of the establishment values around the authority-figure teacher/learner relationship? In either case it can clearly be seen as a movement towards the integration of knower and known, of learner and learned. This chapter describes one approach to this movement, which is also a very clear example of the use of social processes to aid individual development, through co-counseling. It is all the more intriguing in that these personal and social processes are assisted by modern technology, by computer-assisted reflective learning.

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