Managing Metamorphosis

Title: Managing Metamorphosis
Author: Philip Boxer
Category: Published
Publication Year: 1979
Where Published: Proceedings of the 25th International Meeting of the Society of General Systems Research, Springer-Verlag.
Abstract: The concept of managing metamorphosis is developed as the conscious process of exercising strategic control. It is argued that for such structural change to be managed, both those effecting and affected by change must be able to consider the ideological assumptions implicit in their actions. It is further argued that the form of language present in consciousness can be disabling in its inability to support such consideration, and therefore restricts the manager’s ability to experience stability within himself and quality outside himself by making him dependent. The use of media which extend the properties of language by being trebly articulated is described, and the ability of such media to support the development of intentionality is explained. It is concluded that such media can be used to enable the development of consciousness and the managing of metamorphosis.

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