Developing the Quality of Judgement

Title: Developing the Quality of Judgement.
Author: Philip Boxer
Category: Published
Publication Year: 1978
Where Published: Personnel Review, Vol 7 No 2 36-39.

This paper considers how the gap between ‘academic’ knowledge and ‘practical’ experience can be bridged in the context of a manager’s exercise of judgement. It examines the role of the manager from three different perspectives, in order to explain why the gap has a tendency to appear; and it then suggests the concept of a decisionmaking framework as a model of the means by which a manager exercises judgement. After describing the nature of this framework and its constituent elements, the paper considers the effects of different developmental methods on the framework, and therefore on the quality of judgement. The paper concludes that support must be given to a new institution-based educational perspective, if the aim of developing the quality of judgement is to be achieved, and thereby the gap bridged.


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