The madness of movie advertising

by Richard Veryard
There are increasing problems with cross-subsidy in many industries, as the once predictable linkages between the loss-making elements and the profitable elements are eroded. This in turn calls into question the integration logic (“North-South”) on which many large firms are (have been) based. To support a relational strategy instead of a positional strategy, such firms must develop a new kind of integration logic (“East-West”).

Two-Sided Markets

by Richard Veryard
In his HBS March interview, Andrei Hagiu identifies Wal-Mart as an example of an organization that is transforming from a traditional merchant into a two-sided platform. Let’s look at the (asymmetric) structure of this transformation.

Disney, Pixar, Apple and Jobs

by Richard Veryard
John Hagel argues that “media companies that want to remain large and drive even more growth need to focus on establishing platforms and relationships designed to more deeply connect with specific audience segments and individual audience members.”

This is essentially an argument for a relational strategy. This would certainly make sense if DisBut does it really apply to Disney/Pixar?