Architecture Podcast

by Richard Veryard
A 40-minute podcast Philip and I recorded with Ron Jacobs in December has been released on Microsoft Channel Nine.

0:00 Introduction
1:58 Governance Ron
2:32 Asymmetry Philip
3:39 Value of SOA to business – the adaptive enterprise Richard
5:25 Asymmetry – Medical Example Philip
6:44 Silence
7:07 Impetus for SOA – take costs and risks out, put value in Philip
7:47 Fluctuations in demand volume Ron
8:06 Implications for the relationship between service provider and consumer – does the service provider know what the fluctuation means for the consumer – efficiency versus flexibility Richard
9:44 Implications of interoperability in the real-time enterprise – supply chain example Philip
10:49 Interoperability from demand-side perspective – joined-up-government example Richard
13:18 Governance at the edge of the organization – asymmetric governance Philip
15:32 Metropolis and city planning as metaphor for SOA governance – Christopher Alexander and the Nature of Order Richard
17:48 4-colour workshop – Blue, Red and White – the role of Enterprise Architecture Richard
19:02 City planning example – city planners as enterprise architects Ron
20:14 4-colour workshop – the role of the Black team – anticipating the challenges of the response to demand Philip
22:44 Enterprise architecture that fails to deliver adaptability. Problems with universal models. Richard
24:22 So who does the black team thinking? Examples from public sector, military, telecoms industry, voluntary sector. Philip
26:41 Anticipation of context in which demand emerges Philip
27:30 Internet business models – Pareto thinking versus “long tail” thinking Richard
29:26 Paying attention to customers one-by-one – customer context – school example Philip, Ron
30:25 Whose priorities – provider’s interest versus consumer’s interest – school example Richard
31:33 Diversity of interest – patient records example. Philip
32:12 User defined meaning – and technorati Richard
32:42 Consumer-side flexibility – agile systems Philip
34:30 Banking services and user-defined policy Richard, Ron
38:38 Close Ron

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