Disney, Pixar, Apple and Jobs

by Richard Veryard
John Hagel argues that “media companies that want to remain large and drive even more growth need to focus on establishing platforms and relationships designed to more deeply connect with specific audience segments and individual audience members.”

This is essentially an argument for a relational strategy. This would certainly make sense if DisBut does it really apply to Disney/Pixar?

DoJ search requests

by Richard Veryard
There is an huge gap (asymmetry) between the information requirement (as stated by the DoJ) and the data on Google’s database. In a service-oriented grid-enabled world, it would seem to make more sense (and raise fewer privacy concerns as well) for the DoJ to collaborate with Google (and its competitors) – to compose intelligent and relevant analytical enquiries that can be run by Google (as a service, albeit commandeered by the Government) to help solve the DoJ’s problem.

Power to the Edge

by Richard Veryard
Power to the edge is about changing the way individuals, organizations, and systems relate to one another and work.

  • empowerment of individuals at the edge of an organization
  • adoption of an edge organization, with greatly enhanced peer-to-peer interactions.
  • moving senior personnel into roles that place them at the edge